Kimchi and Mushroom Pizza


One of my favorite foods is Kimchi which has been the staple food of Koreans for centuries. The most popular one is made with Napa cabbage, but today there are over 200 kinds of Kimchi made with different types of vegetables and seasonings throughout Korea.

Health benefits of kimchi include improved heart health and digestive system. Abundant in  antioxidants and probiotics, Kimchi has been proven to treat diet related diseases and even cancer.

This past weekend, I made my popular low calorie, low far, thin crust vegetarian Kimchi mushroom pizza today! I usually add bulgogi as one of the toppings but sometimes I just enjoy my pizzas without any meat. It’s super easy to make and simply Delicious!

Just make sure you sauté the kimchi in some olive or sesame oil first. You can also sprinkle some roasted seaweed and chopped sesame leaves on top, which is what I like to do.

Wishing you a Spicy and Delicious Week!


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